Horror/Drama - Feature

"The night is dark to make sure nothing can distract us from our nightmares"


Popobawa is a Swahili name which translates literally as "bat-wing" .
This name is said to have originated as a description of the dark shadow cast by the spirit when it attacks at night.

Popobawa is a shapeshifting creature described as taking many forms, not just that of a bat as its name implies.

It can take either human or animal form, and metamorphose from one into the other .

Popobawa invades houses at night to torture people during their sleep, but can also harass its victims in the daytime through its various forms.

It attacks both grown up men, women as well as children, and will stay until it has killed all of the members of a household , before passing on to another house in the neighbourhood.


PITCH: Having survived terrible assaults as a child,  a young woman must face after many years the creature responsible for these violent attacks and the murder of her entire family.

" It's not just a monster. It’s Terror. The one you can‘t describe. To anybody. Not even to a shrink, not even to a priest. Because there are no words to express what you feel. Terror. The one that boils your blood and melt your guts. Nothing to do with fear of death, no. It’s much worse than that." 


(from Popobawa script)